October sees The 20 MSP’s M&A spree continue, as we acquire 4 more leading MSPs.

The 20 MSP is delighted to announce another round of acquisitions are in the books. Last month we added six stellar MSPs to The 20 team, and now we’re kicking off October by with four more deals!

We warmly welcome the following managed service providers to The 20 MSP family:


CEO: Chris Kimbell

BOLDER Designs

CEO: John Rutkowski


CEO: Michael Wayland

JS Computek

CEO: Caleb Brown

As members of The 20’s growth platform, all four of these organizations have achieved consistent growth and success across a variety of industry verticals. These are operationally mature companies with momentum and ambition, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with them.

Every successful M&A deal we make is based on careful consideration of operational and cultural compatibility, and brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal of building a premium national MSP with unmatched scale.

One Team. One Dream. One Brand.

Our mission here at The 20 MSP is simple: we want to build the first and best premium national MSP platform in the United States. We’re well on our way to achieving this goal, fueled by a combination of organic growth and an aggressive M&A strategy tempered by our commitment to partnering only with companies that share our core values and ‘people-first’ business philosophy. After all, successful M&A deals require more than basic operational compatibility; they require a shared vision.

What makes these acquisitions so exciting and promising is the fact that we’ve worked closely with all four of the MSPs involved, and know that they genuinely care about their clients’ success. It’s not by chance that WOLFGUARD IT, BOLDER Designs, Byte-Werx, and JS Computek have established themselves as leading MSPs; they understand how to leverage technology to help clients achieve core business goals, and they deliver exceptional technical service with a human touch.

In short, we’re confident that this is a win for everyone involved — especially for our collective client base, who can expect the support they receive to get even better. We’re talking more advanced services and higher-value offerings. Our team hasn’t just gotten bigger; it’s gotten smarter and faster, too.

The 20 MSP has more acquisitions lined up in the coming months. “We have plenty of MSPs in The 20’s growth platform who are ready to be rolled up,” said our CEO, Tim Conkle. “And because we’ve worked closely with these companies, a lot of the integrative work that traditional mergers require is already done, allowing us to consolidate quickly and seamlessly. This is an exciting step forward, but it’s one of many we plan on taking.”

About The 20 MSP

The 20 MSP has been helping businesses succeed through better technology since 1986.

As a leading provider of managed IT services, The 20 MSP serves hundreds of businesses nationwide, providing each one with white glove service, secure and streamlined IT infrastructure, and 24/7/365 support. We believe in building lasting relationships with clients founded on trust, communication, and the delivery of high-value services for a fair and predictable price. Our clients’ success is our success, and we are committed to helping each and every organization we serve leverage technology to secure a competitive advantage and achieve new growth.

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