Managed Websites

Web Design, Hosting, Maintenance & Security for Your Business

What’s one thing your potential customers are bound to do? That’s easy — visit your company website!

And get this — 75% of consumers judge the credibility of a business based on its website’s design and overall quality. Having a slow or poorly-designed website is the fastest way to lose potential customers — literally! Website conversion rates have been found to drop an average of 4.42% with each additional second of website load time.

Bottom line, having a fast, well-designed, and professional-looking company website isn’t an option in today’s digital world — it’s a necessity. But creating, managing, maintaining, and updating your company website takes tons of time, energy, and expertise …  So leave that stuff to us!

Our Managed Website Program takes the most technically demanding and time-consuming aspects of website management off your hands completely. From design to hosting to security — we’ve got you covered!

Are you ready to improve your website’s performance, user experience, and search engine rankings — and all without lifting a finger?

Comprehensive Support for Your Company Website

5-page website design
or “lift-and-shift” existing site

Responsive &
mobile friendly

content updates

WordPress and plugin management,
updates and maintenance

Staging/sandbox environment
to test plugins and updates

Content delivery network and
caching services for delivery speed

Daily site back-ups
with 30-day retention

SSL Certificate
for website

DNS management through
CloudFlare (optional)

Access to paid, business, and
enterprise grade WordPress plugins

WordPress security plugin,
baseline and setup

host uptime