Managed IT Services for Financial Firms

In the financial world, planning ahead is everything. Invest in IT support that aligns with your firm’s long-term success.

The Future is Now

You don’t need a crystal ball to see what the future will bring for the finance industry. Just look around.

Government technology regulations such as FINRA, SEC, and FFIEC have forced financial institutions to develop sophisticated data solutions to remain in compliance. The bar for compliance has gotten sky-high, and we can expect it only to get higher over the next several decades.

There’s good reason for this. Cybercrime is on the rise – and that’s putting it mildly. Data breaches are a massive and pervasive problem, and the finance industry is a prime target for hackers, experiencing more cybercrime and higher cybercrime-related costs than any other industry. This is hardly surprising: the information that flows through a financial institution is highly valuable, and hackers will do just about anything to break into your network and help themselves to your data.

It’s clear what’s coming. The firms that will survive over the next several decades are the ones that get serious about IT right now.

We take care of IT. You take care of your clients.

A modern financial firm may need a modern IT infrastructure, but IT is complicated and time-consuming. And you’re busy. You simply don’t have time to research cybersecurity, budget strategically for IT, figure out the best software for your organization, harness AI and automation to streamline workflows, hire and train in-house IT staff – all while running your business! We get it.

With our managed IT services, you can outsource some (co-managed IT) or all of your IT needs to The 20 MSP. We work hard to tailor IT solutions to fit your organization’s exact needs.

When your IT provider doesn’t just work for you, but with you, it’s amazing what better technology can help your business achieve.

We believe IT should be an asset, not a cost.

We have decades of experience working with financial firms: commercial banks, credit unions, investment banks, brokerages, investment companies, CPAs, auditors, accountants, and more. This mountain of experience allows us to build out customized IT solutions for your firm’s core business processes. Our comprehensive services are exactly that. The 20 MSP can help with:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Compliance (FINRA, SEC, FFIEC, PCI)
  • Documentation
  • Software management, integration, and optimization:
    QlikSense, DataArt, Bloomberg, OnBase, Quantrix, Intuit, and more
  • Email encryption and secure file sharing
  • Data backup and disaster recovery, and more!

Choosing an IT partner is a business decision, and we take immense pride in tailoring IT solutions that actually help growing businesses see an improvement in their bottom line. Our job isn’t to fix your computers; it’s to transform your entire IT infrastructure into an asset.

Our excellent IT services make us a good IT provider, but it’s our commitment to the overall profitability of our clients’ businesses that makes us a truly exceptional IT partner.

Best-in-Class Cybersecurity

Defense in layers is a critical component of any good security strategy. With our cutting-edge security stack powered by advanced AI, direct integration with Windows Security, and 256-bit AES data encryption, you can rest easy knowing your clients’ sensitive information is protected.

Predictable IT Costs

Our pricing is simple, transparent, and truly FLAT-rate. That’s right. No labor costs. Ever. This means we are incentivized to keep your network and systems humming along smoothly – since we never charge for hourly labor, the less fixing we have to do, the better!

24/7/365 Live Support

Resolve potential issues before they impact your firm with continual monitoring and maintenance of your network and devices. Our 24/7/365 live support desk answers 93% of tech support calls instantly, and 100% of messages get a call back in less than 15 minutes. We know things move fast in the world of finance. We promise to keep up.

We understand the IT issues faced by growing businesses in the financial industry. We have decades of experience helping financial firms achieve peace of mind with IT.

So, if you’re ready to stop stressing about IT and instead focus on growing your business, contact us today!

We’re here to help.