HIPAA compliance and security go hand-in-hand to protect sensitive healthcare information for providers and their patients. Under federal HIPAA regulation, you are required to have specific policies in place to protect PHI, covering both the administrative standards of the Privacy Rule and the cyber-security requirements of Security Rule. Using an IT Provider to ensure you address required security standards, as well as an effective compliance solution to handle the administrative and privacy aspects, will give your business the tools you need to keep your data safe!


Your HIPAA compliance is more than just making sure your Protected Health Information (PHI) is safe and secure. That’s why we have teamed up with Compliancy Group to offer a complete solution for your HIPAA compliance and security needs. The Guard is a cloud based HIPAA software that will give you everything you need to become compliant. You can address your administrative requirements and gain access to an IT provider to handle the rest of your cyber-security safeguards. Don’t just satisfy parts of the regulation–give your business complete confidence in your HIPAA compliance plan with The Guard. The average fine for not being HIPAA compliant is $1.5M dollars. We’ll ensure that you can rest peacefully knowing those $1.5M dollars will be kept in your pocket.

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Top Questions to Ask Potential IT Support Companies

  1. How is your contract structured? Is there anything that you charge extra for?
  2. Do you charge us onboarding or project fees? Labor for system upgrades, office moves, installing new equipment?
  1. Does your monthly fee go up AND down based on what you’re supporting?
  2. Are your services liable if my healthcare practice fails to be HIPAA compliant?