The 20 MSP Announces Latest Acquisition: Sublime Computer Services

The 20 MSP Announces Latest Acquisition: Sublime Computer Services

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The 20 MSP continues M&A spree with acquisition of Nashville-based managed service provider.

PLANO, TexasJuly 2, 2024  — Leading managed service provider The 20 MSP, today announced its acquisition of Sublime Computer Services, a highly regarded managed IT services and consulting firm based in Nashville, Tennessee.

This latest deal extends The 20’s M&A buying spree to thirty-four acquisitions in less than two years, an aggressive growth strategy aimed at cementing the company’s national footprint, enhancing operational efficiency, and driving innovation through new talent and expertise.

Sublime’s path to acquisition follows the same pattern as The 20 MSP’s thirty-three other roll-ups, in that the MSP achieved the bulk of its growth as a member of The 20’s growth platform, The 20 MSP Group.

Sublime Computer Services, led by owner and CEO Adam Bell, joined The 20 MSP Group back in 2018 in an effort to catalyze new growth and conquer persistent scale-based difficulties. The 20’s process-driven approach, superior buying power, and community of industry experts provided Sublime with the tools and resources it needed to overcome its major pain points and dramatically increase revenue.

Tim Conkle, founder and CEO of The 20, reflected on Sublime’s journey with the company. “We are thrilled to finalize this acquisition and expand into the Nashville market. Adam and his team came to us looking for help conquering the business side of things,” explained Conkle. “They had the talent and the drive, and our proven model was the missing ingredient that allowed them to unlock their true potential and get to that next level. It’s been a pleasure to witness their growth, and a true privilege to welcome the Sublime team to The 20 MSP team.”

The 20’s pipeline of acquisition candidates remains full, and has recently expanded to include non-member MSPs – organizations that have not previously been part of The 20 MSP Group but are now being considered for acquisition based on their strategic fit and high growth potential.

“Member MSPs remain the primary focus of our M&A plans, as we work closely with these companies on a daily basis,” Conkle explained. “But the lynchpin in a successful acquisition is cultural and operational compatibility, and we’re interested in any MSP that exemplifies the traits we consider integral to our company’s long-term health and success. We’re casting our net a little wider, but our fundamental strategy remains the same: bringing quality MSPs on board to drive continuous improvement and uphold our sky-high standards for excellence in service delivery.”

As with its previous acquisitions, The 20 is confident that attrition will be minimal, and is excited to announce that employees of Sublime are taking on new roles within The 20 MSP.

“Our practice up to this point has been to set up MSP owners with management positions if they’re not looking to retire or exit the industry,” Conkle explained. “These industry pros bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, and we believe that their continued engagement plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition for both their clients and employees.”

Stay tuned for more deals in the coming months as The 20 looks to continue expanding and solidifying its leadership position in the IT services industry.

Pinecrest Capital Partners served as the exclusive financial advisor to The 20 MSP on the acquisitions. Texas-based Sunflower Bank, acting as sole lead arranger in a syndicated credit facility for The 20 MSP, provided the funding tranche.