At The 20 MSP, we understand the unique challenges that small businesses face when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. Small businesses often have limited resources and expertise, making it difficult to handle their IT needs effectively. That’s where externally managed IT support can make a significant difference. In this article, we will explore how small businesses can benefit from our services.

Cost Savings

For small businesses, cost optimization is essential for survival and growth. Outsourcing IT support to a reputable MSP like The 20 MSP can lead to significant cost savings. Instead of hiring and maintaining an in-house IT team, which can be expensive and resource-intensive, small businesses can leverage the expertise of our external IT support team at a fraction of the cost. Our flexible pricing models allow businesses to pay for the specific IT services they require, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Access to Expertise

Small businesses often lack the resources to hire IT professionals with specialized knowledge in various domains. By outsourcing IT support, small businesses gain access to a team of skilled experts with a diverse skill set. At The 20 MSP, our IT support team has extensive experience and expertise in areas such as network infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. This expertise ensures that small businesses receive top-notch IT support tailored to their specific needs, ultimately improving their operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Maintaining a robust IT infrastructure requires proactive monitoring and regular maintenance. However, small businesses often lack the time and resources to carry out these tasks effectively. Our externally-managed IT support provides proactive monitoring and maintenance services, ensuring that potential issues are identified and resolved before they impact business operations. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and ensures that small businesses can focus on their core activities without interruptions.


Small businesses need agility and scalability to adapt to changing business demands. By outsourcing IT support, small businesses can easily scale their IT services up or down as needed. Whether it’s expanding their operations, adding new employees, or adopting new technologies, our external IT support team can accommodate these changes seamlessly. This flexibility allows small businesses to respond quickly to market opportunities without the burden of managing their IT infrastructure.

Enhanced Security

Data breaches and cybersecurity threats pose significant risks to small businesses. Our externally-managed IT support places a strong emphasis on security. We implement robust security measures, conduct regular vulnerability assessments, and provide proactive cybersecurity monitoring. By leveraging our expertise, small businesses can minimize the risk of cyber attacks, protect their sensitive data, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Focus on Core Business Objectives

Outsourcing IT support allows small businesses to redirect their internal resources and expertise toward their core business objectives. Instead of spending valuable time and energy on managing IT issues, small business owners and employees can concentrate on strategic initiatives, customer service, and revenue-generating activities. This increased focus on core business objectives can lead to improved productivity, growth, and success.

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