What Managed IT Services Can Do for Your San Antonio Business

In the ever-changing world of technology, many businesses are finding themselves struggling to keep up with the incredible needs placed upon their IT teams. Traditional San Antonio businesses may have in-house IT teams consisting of a few people that have a massive amount of needs placed on their shoulders. This is because IT touches everything in the company from marketing to sales; automation to shipping, and everything in between. 

This means that even the simplest of glitches, breaches, or mistakes can have the IT team tied up fixing the issue for days while departments may be stuck waiting to work till things are remedied. Lost time means lost revenue, so many companies have discovered that working with a managed IT team in San Antonio can be very beneficial. 

What is Managed IT?

Managed IT teams are external IT teams that take care of your business’s IT needs from outside of your organization. If you work with The 20 MSP, our San Antonio-managed IT teams will come to your place of business when needed, but primarily can solve your IT needs working from a remote location. 

Managed IT teams take the place of in-house IT teams and you’ll discover we save you a lot of money when considering you don’t have to pay in-house employees’ salaries, benefits, or for their equipment anymore. We also save you money because we eliminate downtime – we proactively prevent issues and solve them as they arise to keep your business running at its peak.

Our managed IT teams are comprised of experts in the field that collaborate to monitor, fix, and maintain your IT systems 24/7. They provide the following services depending on what your business needs:

  • Threat monitoring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Accounting and billing
  • CRM monitoring
  • Software optimization and integration
  • Infrastructure needs
  • File management
  • Compliance needs
  • Documentation assembly and automation

Benefit from Managed IT Services

If seeking external help for your IT department makes sense, it’s time to give The 20 MSP a call and discuss our managed IT services for San Antonio businesses. Our team will put together a customized consultation and service plan keeping in mind your needs and your budget. Then, we’ll partner with you to keep your business efficiently operating, profitable, and secure. 

If you’d like to speak with our team, please contact The 20 MSP today. Or, call us at (866) 349-5501