We continue to lead the charge in consolidation with the addition of two world-class MSPs to The 20 family

Last year saw The 20 MSP enter the M&A arena with a flurry of acquisitions. We welcomed thirteen MSPs to The 20 family in 2022, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. We’re proud to announce that we’ve just closed two more MSP acquisitions, further deepening our national footprint and extending our market reach.

We warmly welcome the following managed service providers to The 20 family:

  • Dallas Network Services, Texas, CEO: Bill Butler, Website
  • Integrated Business Technologies, Oklahoma, CEO: Eric Kehmeier, Website

Dallas Network Services (DNS) and Integrated Business Technologies (IBT) have both achieved monumental growth as members of The 20 Group, evolving into true industry leaders with strong regional presence. Their commitment to excellence, client-first mentality, and proven ability to innovatively solve problems give us confidence that this partnership will yield incredible results. Simply put, we’re thrilled to be joining forces with DNS and IBT, two top-notch MSPs on the rise.

The recent remarks of our CEO, Tim Conkle, reflect the current mood of The 20’s entire leadership team. “DNS and IBT are exemplary MSPs that we’ve had the privilege of working closely with through our group. Their commitment to never cutting corners and going that extra mile to ensure client success makes us confident that these acquisitions are going to help us bring our collective client base even better support, along with a wider range of services and offerings. It’s an honor to welcome these talented and motivated teams to The 20 family.”

The key word in the above quote is closely. Working closely with the MSPs in The 20 Group gives us a detailed, intimate, and comprehensive understanding of how these companies operate. This, in turn, gives us a head start from a due diligence perspective, and allows us to assess cultural compatibility in a thorough and methodical way. A lot of organizational culture is below the surface, and getting to know the MSPs in The 20 Group over the course of multiple years allows us to drill deeper than a more limited timeframe would allow.

In short, like the other MSPs we’ve acquired, DNS and IBT are companies we know inside and out, led by people with whom we’ve forged strong relationships. This latest roll-up isn’t the beginning, but the continuation of something great.

“When it comes to pulling off these deals, the numbers obviously matter,” Conkle reflected. “But there are countless qualitative aspects of a successful merger that are hard to get right without a pre-existing partnership. This is just as much about people as it is operational compatibility. Bringing quality people together to amplify each other’s talents and strengths is what The 20 has always been about, and we’re following that same logic with these acquisitions. The right people in the right seats is how we make magic happen.”

Stronger Together

Our mission at The 20 is to build a national MSP with unmatched service delivery and scale. It’s an ambitious plan, but it’s a long time coming. The 20 began as a simple “what if” – what if we joined forces? The pronounced success of our group has answered that question definitively …

We’re stronger together!

Rolling up our members into a single national MSP is thus a natural next step in our organization’s evolution – not to mention a necessary response to our rapidly changing industry. And luckily, we’re poised to consolidate at a pace that most MSPs will have trouble matching.

More specifically, our M&A efforts are streamlined by the existence of The 20 group. We’re only looking to acquire MSPs that belong to our group because doing so allows us to roll up quickly, smoothly, and with minimal disruption to our growing client base. Without the hindrances and friction points that bog down traditional M&A deals, we can consolidate at a rate of two to four MSPs a month in 2023 – and that’s exactly what we plan on doing!

As thrilled as we are about how smoothly our roll-up has gone so far, our eyes are firmly on the future: getting bigger, getting better, and staying at the forefront of innovation in managed IT services. Our clients – old and new – can expect to see our services and offerings improve and expand in the coming months, as we draw on the collective expertise of our growing team. Here’s to a bright future!

Looking to Grow/Sell Your MSP?

If you own an MSP and want to grow it faster and more easily, consider joining The 20 Group. Not only does membership give you the tools you need to grow a large and profitable MSP, it also puts you on a proven track toward a lucrative payday as we are actively cultivating our MSP members for acquisition.

Learn more about The 20 here, download our Top M&A Tips for MSPs here, and schedule a call with us here.

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