An Exciting Announcement from The 20!

The roll-up keeps rolling in December as The 20 acquires two more MSPs.

The 20 MSP is on a mission to become the first premium MSP with a deep national footprint, and we’ve just taken another step closer to this goal. We are thrilled to announce the completion of two more MSP acquisitions, bringing the total number for the year to thirteen.

We warmly welcome the following managed service providers to The 20 MSP family:

  • CSP Technologies, Arizona & North Carolina, CEO: Chris Plouffe, Website
  • Code Red Networks, Michigan, CEO: Dennis Ward, Website

CSP Technologies and Code Red Networks have, as members of The 20’s business development co-op, The 20 MSP Group, experienced rapid, year-after-year growth and success across a variety of industry verticals. Under Chris and Dennis’s leadership, these client-first companies have grown into industry leaders with strong track records of helping businesses of all sizes leverage technology to achieve unprecedented profitability and productivity.

Our CEO, Tim Conkle, recently sang the praises of these stellar MSPs. “They do all the little things right, and never lose sight of the true role of an MSP – helping your clients succeed. It’s that client-first mentality and commitment to excellence that has allowed both of these businesses to stand out in our crowded industry and grow – and it’s a huge part of the immense value they’re bringing to The 20.”

As with any M&A deal we make, these latest acquisitions grow out of a preexisting business relationship. We’ve worked closely with Chris, Dennis, and their respective teams, and know firsthand just how committed both of these organizations are to continual improvement. CSP and Code Red haven’t just implemented The 20’s growth model to achieve outstanding results; they’ve also brought their own ideas to the table and helped our community of MSPs in countless ways.

“We’re not just adding resources and clients, but also, great people and collaborators who share our values and vision,” Conkle said. “This isn’t just about getting bigger; it’s about partnering with quality, process-driven MSPs that know how to innovate and adapt to our ever-evolving industry.”

One Team. One Dream. One Brand.

We are on a mission at The 20 to build the first and best premium national MSP platform in the United States. This year, we’ve made considerable progress, fueled by a combination of organic growth and an aggressive M&A strategy. Our plan for next year is to remain in hyper-growth mode, as we have many MSPs in the acquisition pipeline, ready to be rolled up.

It’s important to point out that our M&A strategy is anchored by a firm commitment to partnering only with MSPs that belong to The 20 MSP Group. Acquiring member companies exclusively not only minimizes the usual hiccups and friction points of a traditional merger; it also ensures that we’re joining forces with organizations that share our core values and vision for the future. As Conkle explained, “There is already a real relationship in place, and a deep compatibility that’s hard to build on the fly.”

It’s the relationship piece that makes us confident that these deals will benefit everyone involved, from end clients to techs to the C-suite. The importance of cultural compatibility in successful M&A deals is vastly underestimated, but it’s at the very center of our approach – and a big part of why these acquisitions have been so successful.

As we approach the end of the year, our sights are set squarely on continued consolidation and growth. We hope to carry out 2 to 4 MSP acquisitions a month in 2023, or a total of 24 to 48 for the year.

“After doing thirteen of these deals, we’ve settled into a rhythm that works,” said Conkle. “The integrations are smooth and, for the most part, painless, and end clients don’t have to adjust to a whole new model of IT support. As for the owners of the MSPs we’re acquiring, we place them in roles that allow them to shine. It’s about coming together and getting stronger – something we’ve believed in at The 20 from the very beginning.”

Stay tuned for more exciting M&A news from The 20!

About The 20 MSP

The 20 MSP has been helping businesses succeed through better technology since 1986.

As a leading provider of managed IT services, The 20 MSP serves hundreds of businesses nationwide, providing each one with white glove service, secure and streamlined IT infrastructure, and 24/7/365 support. We believe in building lasting relationships with clients founded on trust, communication, and the delivery of high-value services for a fair and predictable price. Our clients’ success is our success, and we are committed to helping each and every organization we serve leverage technology to secure a competitive advantage and achieve new growth.

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